Considering modifying a container? If you didn't find what you were looking for in our modified containers for sale or container hire sections, consider putting ABC's container modification team to the task.  

We believe the essential advantage of a shipping container is that it is a highly portable space inside a strong and secure shell.  Our container conversion process aims to add value to this winning combination in order to provide versatile solutions for individuals and corporations.

How to order modifications

If you already have a freight container, we offer a pick up service for Perth suburbs and regional areas, on the other hand, if you are planning to buy a shipping container for modification you may wish to consider the various sizes and types available.  In order to help you finalise your modification specs, we haved provided below a guide to categories of portable buildings and some of the installatons we offer.

Portable Buildings

Shipping container modifications are limited only by your budget and imagination. We typically have requests for portable builds in a variety of sizes and configurations that suit different types of residential, commercial and industrial environments such as construction or mining sites. With our container modification service, shipping containers become cost effective, highly portable alternative for clients requiring storage facilities and workshops of a permanent or portable nature.

As seen at Sculptures by the Sea

“This is made from a shipping container but he had the vision of transforming it into something like the Easter Island statues. The curved line and the nose and eyes make it almost come alive. The location is good and people are attracted to it. He’s pulled it off.” – Mr Melancholy by Paul Stanwick-Wright.