Shipping containers come standard with cargo doors on one or both (DD) ends.  These doors are fitted with vertical locking rods that are secure but somewhat unwieldy, proving inefficient for frequent access to the container.  In many cases, additional access doors are created by removing sections of the container wall, welding hinges and converting the wall piece to a swinging door.  We can cut, weld, bend, fold and add or remove steel components to create just about any access or safety solution for your project.  In terms of planning a container modification project, try to plan out these kinds of structural modifications as early on in the modification process as possible.

Container Access Options

When designing your modification specs, be sure to let us know if you need custom sized fabricated doors (specify widths, heights and location of doors).

  • Barn Style
    Fabricated Doors
    Double or single doors that
    swing out to the side, swing
    up acting as a roof or swing
    down acting as a platform.
  • Personnel Doors
    Personnel Doors
    Easy access doors
    with lockable handles
    for staff and visitors
  • Roller Doors
    Roller Doors
    Doors that roll up,
    useful for frequently
    accessed storage
  • Hatch Access
    Hatch Doors
    Small swing out
    doors often used
    for machinery attachments
    or training purposes



Modification Type: 
Container Access Modifications
Container Fabrication
Container Safety Modifications
Container Temperature Control
Misc Shipping Container Modifications