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Yes, you certainly can. There are several options for you to do this.

  • Visit our container yard and select which container you would like to buy. We recommend this as the best way to know exactly what you are getting, especially when it comes to second hand containers.
  • Browse our container gallery online. If you prefer to request a quote from our site you can browse the container sales section and leave a message on that page for our sales team.

Yes, we can hold your container, full or empty, for the short or long term at our self storage depot until it is required. We offer very competitive rates and if you keep your container with us for 12 months or more, we'll deliver it back to a metro area site for free.

We have on hand a wide selection of used containers for sale or hire.

Due to weather and environmental conditions, it is important for shipping containers to sustain a sealed environment and as such all containers are inspected for rust, gaps and leaks.  The doors are examined to guarantee a tight seal and free movement.

Our used containers are hired and purchased regularly but you can see examples of small, standard, bulk, refrigerated and modified second hand containers throughout our container sales and hire galleries.

To find out what we have on hand, feel free to give us a call, leave a message on this page or visit our container yard to inspect them personally.

We have Cool Rooms and Refrigerated Containers, also known as Reefers, of different shapes, sizes and configurations.  There are 20’, 40’ and 48' refrigerated Containers available for purchase or lease.  We also have Chiller/Cool Room/Freezer/Dry Room Storage configurations to allow for alternating temperature control.  The temperature range for these units is between -25 to +25 degrees celcius, power supply takes 3 phase 415 v”

Facts: Thanks to the wide spread use of refrigerated containers, people have access to new and out-of-season fresh produce that was otherwise unavailable.

See our Refrigerated Containers list for more

The sky is the limit when it comes to container modifications, we offer custom fabrication and fitting and can also paint or reclad the exterior of the container.  There are practical applications for containers of all sizes, from the big 40 footer to the mini 6 foot container.  Keeping your end use in mind, here are some guidelines:

Are people going so spend a considerable amount of time inside?

In order to keep the environmental conditions comfortable you may wish to add windows, insulation and air vents.  For easy access, you can have the heavy cargo doors replaced or subseeded by a glass sliding, roller or a standard personnel door.  All required electrics can be installed including lighting, air conditioning and power outlets.  If further comfort needs to be added, the walls can be lined with sound proofing material.

Are you going to store (valuable) goods inside the container?

Some companies keep valuable tools in a container on site.  Containers are weather proof and secure but once inside, you may wish to control staff access.  We can install security grils, fabcricate a security clearance/check point area at the front entrance and create seperate compartments of the container for seperate authorizations.  For the safe storage of equipment we can install geary trays and equipment racks plus all kinds of shelving.

Are you going to place hazardous waste inside the container ?

Containers can be lined for blast proofing, floors can be covered in mesh and bunded to prevent spillage.  Air vents and insulation can be fitted to ensure correct environmental conditions inside the container.  With our painting service, containers can be clearly marked for worksafe requirements.  Check out our Dangerous Goods Storage Products.

Generally we can deliver a shipping container within 2 working days to Perth metro and surrounding suburbs. For modified containers, please consider the average build time per unit required to finish your project as stated in the modified containers section under specifications. For bulk orders, delivery time is subject to transport availability but can be confirmed at the time of purchase.

Within reason we can get a container almost anywhere. All our shipping containers for sale have specially designed corner castings for lifting and positioning. We mainly use a tilt tray truck for delivery but can also use special 'Hiab' trucks fitted with their own crane to deliver the shipping containers.  Read more about our flexible container transport options.

Shipping Containers should be placed on level ground, if not you may find it difficult to open and shut container doors. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the ground is adequately prepared and that you have the materials to make the container site level. Examples of suitable materials are treated pine railway sleepers which can be placed underneath the container at each end.  It also pays to check that there are no obstructions at the delivery site i.e. height restrictions, overhanging branches, electrical wiring etc. as any delays will result in additional transport charges or an inability to offload the container.

General (8)

Condensation happens when water vapor in the warm air encounters a surface, such as the steel sides of a shipping container, cool enough to bring the vapour back to a liquid state. To combat this phenomenon we modify containers to include vents, whirly birds and insulation which help to control the internal temperature, allowing the container to breathe, preventing condensation from occurring. If practical, simply keeping the doors open helps considerably.

In situations where condensation in unavoidable, such as in tropical climates, some care must be taken to avoid oxidisation and eventually rust. Many shipping containers are coated with oxide resistant zinc paint, inside and out, which allows them to stay in good condition for years while withstanding the wear and tear of sea travel. If you are planning on using a container for the storage of dry goods you should consider implementing the above precautions or protecting your goods with some kind of waterproofing.

In terms of structural integrity, shipping containers are very secure.  Besides being pest and vermin proof shipping containers are also highly wind and weatherproof as they are designed to endure salty sea air, which is highly corrosive. As a result, you may have noticed that shipping container constructions are suitable to be set up close to water.

For personal security, there is provision for a padlock to be fitted to the door, however we recommend our customers to modify containersto include a steel Lock Box for added security if they need their container to be vandalproof. A Lock Box is designed to protect the container’s lock from being tampered with.

Typically, a 20 foot general purpose container weighs around 2 tonnes and a 40 foot around 4 tonnes. This weight is known as the tare weight of the container which is combined with the max payload weight (weight it can carry) to determine it's maximum gross weight.

Maximum gross weights will vary for each type of container but can generally be standardised into the following:

20ft - 52,910 lbs/24,000 kg

40ft - 67,200 lbs/30,480 kg

Check out our container sales section for more specific information on the container you are looking for.

Shipping Containers are built to a variety of ISO standards sizes - each with their own dimensions.  The 40ft General Purpose is the most common unit seen on cargo ships.  You can browse the different types of shipping containers we have on this site and click on 'view details' to find the specific measurements for the Container you are looking for.

Using the imperial system you can use this as a general guide:

  • Lengths: 10', 20',40',45', 48', 53'
  • Width: 8'0"
  • Height: 8'6" or 9'6"

You may also find our container dimensions page handy

What building codes are in place in WA for the use of containers?

The regulations for placing shipping containers vary across the state but you generally need to satisfy building codes to have a container for any length of time on your premises.

For residential use the building code generally requires you to 'hide' its appearance as a shipping container by having them painted or reclad, otherwise kept from public view.  Some councils specify the maximum number of containers allowed.  Port Headland, for example, only allows one container per residential property so it might be worth considering the : 2x10' container set to maximise modularity.  Commercial & industrial zones have a greater allowance depending on how they are stacked, their size and their position on the property.  These are some of the things you should keep in mend before you call your local council to find out the zone rules for your area.

Durability Shipping containers are built tough, they can flex, take a knock or two and withstand the wear and tear of road, rail and sea travel.

Portability – Our containers re made to satisfy international standards and are thus very modular.  They can be combined together to make a larger structure, stored and transported very easily.  When empty, containers can be stacked up to twelve high.

Availability – A regularly traded commodity, new and used containers are readily available on the market for purchase or lease across the globe.

Cost –Brand new containers seldom cost more than $8000 and you can pick one up second hand for as little as $1,500.  In comparison to conventional building methods, when used for accommodation, shipping containers are a much more cost effective solution.   When using containers for self storage the costs are almost half the price of conventional storage options.

We accept payment by EFT/cash/company cheque/credit card (Visa/Mastercard).

For shipping container purchases we require payment prior to delivery or release unless otherwise arranged.

For Hire containers payment for the first month’s rent along with transport to site and depot charges need to be paid prior to taking delivery of the container.

Little or no maintenance is required as shipping containers are very solid and durable but it is a good idea to ensure the doors are kept in good working order. Therefore we recommend the door hinges and locking rods are greased at regular intervals.

When left exposed to the elements for years, shipping containers

Request a Quote or ask a question

While we do advertise some of our approximate prices online, we recommend requesting a quote to ensure availability and that all considered costs are quoted accurately. Upon receiving your enquiry we will get back to you shortly by email or phone, alternatively please give us a call on 
(08) 9418 8001 or 0415 601 445.

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