To aid asthetics, light and air flow, sliding windows can be fitted to the walls of portable buildings or ceiling as sky lights.  Windows are lockable and can be covered with flyscreens.  To allow for lighting and opacity, you can choose from standard, glazed or tinted glass.  For security, windows can be internally lockable and can include steel bars if required.  Leave a message on this page or give us a call to find out more about custom windows for your container modification project.


Window Options

  • glazed windowsStandard sliding windows
    Glazed or clear glass?
  • window flyscreens
    Fly Screens
  • Windows covers
    Window covers
  • Windows Security Grill
    Security Bars
  • Lockable
    Window Locks




shipping container with windows
window option 3
window option 4
window option 5
window option 6
window option 7
window option 8
window option 9
window option 2
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Container Fabrication
Container Fittings
Misc Shipping Container Modifications
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