We can equip shipping containers with a standard electrical fit out that includes lights and power outlets but if you require more control over the project, consider some of the following points.  When designing the electrical specs for a container, keep in mind that the internal space is typically more compact than a conventional house.  It pays to think ahead and visualise yourself walking through the planned space, considering the furniture and room purpose and placing power outlets, lights, switches and phone/data points accordingly.  

Electrical Options

Power outlets are standard 240V A/C, available as single or double power socket wall mounts.  Fluorescent lights are also available as double or single globe units and weather proof external lights can be mounted on the roof or above doors with switch or sensor activation.  Standard phone and data outlets can also be wall mounted where required.  Fuse boxes are usually mounted on the internal walls and in case of failure, emergency exit lights can be fitted to the interior above exit doors.  All of these electrical options are optional and can be customised to suit your modified container project.

  • Double Fluros
    Internal lights
  • External Lights
    External lights
  • Double power outlets
    Power outlets
  • Phone and data points
    Phone/Data points
  • Emergency Exits
    Emergency Exits
  • Smoke Alarm
    Smoke Alarms
  • Fuse Box
    Fuse Box




shipping container with light
spacious 40ft insulated interior
combination 40ft w lighting
site office fluro lighting
storage container with fluro lighting
20FT Workshop with Electrics and AC
20FT Workshop with Electrics and AC1
shipping container with power
HD access door, lights & powder coated window HD access door, lights & powder coated window
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Container Fittings
Container Safety Modifications
Container Security Modifications