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Commercial Storage Space

Looking for commercial storage space in Perth? Our commercial storage services make shipping containers the perfect short and long term solution for businesses looking for commercial storage space in Perth.

Why pay high prices for self storage facilities when you can store commercial goods in a secure, self lockable, weatherproof, mobile unit.

When using our container yard for your commercial storage needs, you can access the contents of containers at any time or have us deliver the container to your site for unloading or repacking.

We offer 10, 20 and 40 foot units for the storage of commercial goods such as construction materials, machinery and equipment, packaged goods, wine racks, cars, motorbikes, document archives and many more. We also offer refrigerated and insulated storage for perishable or hazardous materials requiring temperature or humidity control.

Short Term Commercial Storage

Is your business relocating? You can literally store your entire office inside a shipping container.  What's more, we can drop the container to be loaded outside your office and pick it up when you are done.  If there are any delays in the availability of moving into your new commercial space, we can store your container at our yard at surprisingly low rates.

Scalable Goods Storage
Don't worry about leasing a warehouse for the season.  Commercial storage in shipping containers is completely scalable.  You may need extra storage space at a certain time of year or for the long term so be sure to check out what we can do for your commercial needs. If you require large amounts of sorage space, we can offer more storage for less cost or if your storage requirements vary you can always transfer to a smaller or larger unit once with us.

Once you let us know your requirements, we can drop off the containers required at your site so that you can load heavy machinery parts, palletized goods and more, directly at your site.  Once finished, we can pick up the containers and store them securely in our container yard.

Un-clutter your premises...

Is your premises starting to look cramped? Are you thinking about upgrading or rennovating your on site storage? Shipping containers are great space savers having the ability to be stacked ontop of one another.  10 and 20 foot containers are highly portable and can be moved with standard forklifts.  Make the most of your on premises storage space. If your business is located in the Perth CBD and is lacking storage space, by using our commercial storage facilities, bulky items like document archives that need to be kept for years can be stored securely off site at our yard for a fraction of the cost of commercial storage prices in Perth.  Furthermore, if you very seldom need to access the contents of the storage, costs can be reduced significantly.

Storage for Light Commercial Spaces

Construction Site Storage.   Construction projects can often be delayed and are subject to security concerns.  We can drop a container of the size required at your constrution site to be used for the storage of equipment or building materials.

Storage for Mining and Exploration Companies
Several mining and exploraton outfits based in Perth are facing commercial storage problems.  Our storage services offer the perfect short term storage space for geological survey samples or field equipment that are taking up valuable space.

To find out monthly commercial storage rates and transport costs to and from your site, get in touch with us. Also, be sure to call ahead and book your space or to arrange a tour around the facility.  For further information, You can review our Storage prices or contact us by leaving a message on the quote form below.

Request a Quote or ask a question

While we do advertise some of our approximate prices online, we recommend requesting a quote to ensure availability and that all considered costs are quoted accurately. Upon receiving your enquiry we will get back to you shortly by email or phone, alternatively please give us a call on 
(08) 9418 8001 or 0415 601 445.

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